Riley Blanks is an Austin-based photographer, storyteller and model. She is the the founder of Woke Beauty; her mission is to encourage women to celebrate themselves through self imagery and wellness consulting.

Riley has lived in 15 cities and 6 countries. She spent her formative years living in various places around the world with her family and training as a high-level tennis player before discovering her passion for photography. With a clear understanding of her vision, Riley honed her skills by learning how to meaningfully merge the art and science of photography through a Fine Arts degree from the University of Virginia.

Riley is unique in her ability and willingness to adapt. She pursues creativity, in any form possible, with great poise and has an uncanny ability to establish comfort with anyone she comes in contact with, no matter what side of the camera she stands on. Humanitarian and societal issues are of paramount importance to Riley's work; she has used her platform to share her unusual perspective in an effort to create awareness and stimulus. Regardless of the setting, she naturally captures the essence of her surroundings in a transformative piece of art - be it an image, a piece of writing or a monologue - that quietly speaks to the moment in time.

When Riley isn't inspiring and photographing the beautiful women of Austin; she is juggling a multitude of colorful projects. She is currently writing, producing and recording a podcast. She is working on a photography series exploring her biracial identity and its sociological relation to viewers at large in juxtaposition to her intrinsic identity and it's relation to earthly elements. Riley recently completed Whole30 and has teamed up with their community to release an Instagram campaign. She is always exploring, forever eager.

Though frequently on the road, Riley currently resides in Austin, TX with her lifelong partner, Jack and their two dogs, Walter and Willow. She makes every effort to spend time with her family and friends as they reside at the center of her circle.