I am pursuing a docu podcast called Mixed Feelings where I interview a wide array of people (all ages) who have multicultural backgrounds and are comfortable talking about identity and life experiences around the topic of being ‘more than one’. The intention is to build awareness and provide space for discussion that is otherwise overlooked. The audience should be moved to question their own prejudices, to feel challenged about their viewpoints, to learn something new, special, and usually deemed private.

The release time is projected for September at which time the interviews will be presented as a ‘season’ consisting of approximately 10 episodes. They will be presented as docu style short videos (Vimeo + Youtube, think Vox/Vice style) and longer edits via podcast.

I have a videographer, Luisa, who is a student at UT; she will be assisting.  

This will be talk show style - so we will be videoed together. I’m conducting the interviews in people’s homes; it’ll be intimate, relaxed and candid. I’m looking for raw emotion, real stories and vulnerable details. The structure is meant to be extremely casual. There should be no concern around how you look, how you talk or how you feel. You are you in all of your color…and that’s magnificent on it’s own.

Thank you for your interest in being apart of this conversation!

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